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We're an upscale spot in downtown Kalamazoo, best for our delicious dishes that pair well with drinks and company. Our revamp of the Wine Loft includes delicious new entrées, an expanded cocktail menu, and a large variety of wines. We chose the term Socialhouse because it refers to a place where people come together to socialize, eat, drink and gather.

WL Socialhouse menu

Cabbage Salad | $10

Red cabbage, fried rice noodles, avocado, scallions, cashews with a

cilantro vinaigrette and creme fraiche

Side Caesar & Red Chicken Chili | $25

Amish chicken, kidney beans, jalapenos, avocado,

red rock cheddar, and creme fraiche. Served with our custard cornbread

Steak Charcuterie Board | $35 

● Peperonata

● Smoked Caramelized Onion

● Mushroom Conserva

● Sauce Romesco

● Blue Cheese Mousse

● Demi Glace

● Tamarind Jam

● Wagyu Bone Marrow Butter

● Shorts Local light beer mustard

● Garlic Herb Naan

● Crispy Baguette



“Eh” Old Fashioned

Coppercraft Applejack, maple syrup, orange and Angostura bitters, cinnamon stick garnish

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