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We are a chef-driven restaurant committed to using high-quality ingredients for each dish we create— from the sushi rice used, to the garnishes we finish with.  Each unique roll, handcrafted cocktail, and Japanese-fusion dish is a harmonious reflection of honoring a traditional cuisine and rediscovering it through a modern lens.

Maru menu

$10 Item

Firecracker Shrimp OR Tuna Tataki Nigiri (no photo)


$25 Menu

1st  Course:

Miso Soup or Edamame


2nd Course:

Salmon or Shrimp Nigiri (Or one piece of each)


3rd Course:

Crouching Tiger


$35 Menu

1st Course:

Miso Soup OR House Salad


2nd Course:

Fried Tofu OR Chicken Gyoza


3rd Course:

Chicken Hibachi OR Veggie Hibachi OR Donburi Bowl OR Ocean's 12 Roll


4th Course:

Limoncello Mascarpone Cake

Competition Cocktail | $14


Midori no Kaze

New Holland’s Knickerbocker Gin, Eastern Kille’s Genepy l’Epicea, St. Germaine, fresh lemon juice, honey simple syrup, muddled cucumber and basil, garnished with cucumber and basil stalk

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